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The industry in the past has grown significantly through acquisitions and entering new markets while maintaining a federated culture running a portfolio of divisions or operating companies who is responsible for their own markets, projects and back office functions (Finance, HR and Technology). With the current tougher global economic climate the Engineering and Construction industry is determining how to better deliver their global services at a lower cost while maintaining the ownership and value at local business or country level. This challenges the existing culture, organisational structures, operating models and to determine how this could be run more effectively across a global group including transforming the back office function, indirect and direct procurement spend. The larger customers of the industry is also demanding a global solution to customer relationships including to cover the end to end solution (eg Professional, Construction and Support Services) which requires a closer working relationship within a group.

How ProEngSELAMINA can help

Selamina Consulting has a global practice that work with a number of clients in the engineering and construction sector in a number of areas including: 

  • Change of the culture,organisational structure and business operating model to operate at a global level

  • Integration of acquisitions, divisions and operating companies

  • Transformation of the back office functions (Finance, HR and IT) and realising significant benefits

  • Taking advantage of the consolidated indirect and direct spend and realising significant cost savings

  • Protecting the investment in new systems and technology

We are working with our E&C clients to institute effective changes that will help overcome both internal and external challenges to their productivity and profitability.



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