In SELAMINA BUSINESS, we use a proven individualized approach to help our clients realize the maximum potential of their capital programs and projects and assets  regardless of size, type or industry. Our dynamic teams are uniquely structured skill set necessary to provide  consulting and services specialized on Capital Projects Management (SPMC) and Physical Assets Management(SAMC). By tailored consulting engagements to meet our clients needs, and by developing individualized approaches and tools to help them  manage and control their programs  and projects, assets and properties in a way that minimizes risks, SELAMINA delivers maximum performance, guarantees compliance and ensures project success. Luxury Tours, Properties and Lifestyle niche markets searches are additional services that our Consulting & Services team specialized on targeting on the success of luxe lifestyle industries and projects .

There are many reasons to call for project assistance, but there is only one Capital Project and Physical Asset Management Specialist to call …the best, Selamina Business.  Contact SPAMC before your building program commences or when your project is in crisis.  There is no substitute for experience!

Capital Project Management Consultancy

Capital projects come with opportunities and uncertainties — and program and project management often pose the biggest risks to their successful execution. Executing on schedule, controlling costs, managing contractors and project changes, navigating regulations unique to each project and ensuring transparency and accountability from beginning to end are vital to the success of any capital project. Firms often lack the program and project management resources and expertise to execute on all these fronts. For these companies, an experienced program and project management consulting partner is essential throughout all phases of their capital projects. Capital Projects and built environment projects are getting more complex, and the need to deliver higher-value projects is increasing.

From project feasibility and financing to project and program management and asset optimization, our advisory service is with you every step of the way, helping your organization overcome obstacles and achieve its aspirations and goals. We combine strategic analysis with complete technical capability, while our focus on global best practice and leading-edge thinking ensures we consistently deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. It is an approach designed to help clients in the private and public sectors save money and time, reduce risks, and increase efficiency.


Our consultants draw on the experience and knowledge they have gained from managing some of the most complex and innovative capital projects to create a customized program for clients that emphasizes front end planning, disciplined execution, and operational readiness. As a result, client projects are better positioned to achieve on-time and on-budget execution, targeted operability, and reduction in overall investment risk. Typically, our capital project execution methodology yields an average range of 10-15% improvement in overall capital effectiveness versus industry benchmarks.

Our capital project solutions help businesses integrate industry leading management processes, develop critical project leadership skills and capabilities, and design and implement project organizational structures that will help ensure competitive and sustainable business results over the full life cycle of each new capital asset.

SPMC services include:

  • Capital Project Management

  • Contract Management

  • Safety and Operational Risk Management

  • Operations Excellence

  • EPCm services

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Strategy Realization

Asset and Properties Management Consultancy

The unrivaled combination of skills, resources, and experience offered by our consultants across every facet of the engineering & construction as well as marketing, management and investment portfolio spectrum means we always meet Asset development demands with knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment, and vision. We deliver consistently to all our clients, and our success is measured by their satisfaction.

We are committed to improving whole-life investment, financial, environmental, and social performance of built environments. Our structures combine production, comfort, function and beauty, all while remaining efficient and future-proof.

Our expertise is sought to influence all developments, from single construction to whole plants and production sites around the world. By drawing on our expansive knowledge, technological capability, and integrated approach, we provide solutions that optimize all elements of the form and function of any building.

What do we do as asset management consultants?

 We will work with our client organizations to build their asset management capability, control and monitor investment ROI, develop asset management strategies and plans, develop models and tools and identify process improvements in any aspect of asset management, and assist with infrastructure planning exercises

Good asset management is essential in delivering a sustainable, efficient, and profitable business. Done well, it helps organizations make better decisions, improve cost controls, demonstrate regulatory compliance, build stakeholder trust, and manage risk.

Best practice asset management requires people, processes, and technology to work as one around common objective. The key to success is making the connections that join everything together. That is where our team of Selamina asset management (SAMC) specialists comes in, providing you with the clarity and focus required to meet fast-changing demands from customers and regulators as well as address external risks, such as climate change and cybersecurity.

They will help provide the foresight and control to enable you to take timely investment and maintenance decisions about your assets, so they are always in an appropriate condition and operate to the highest efficiency standards.

Asset management is a journey, with the benefits growing as your maturity develops. Our specialists have the skills to help you each step of the way. We are accredited experts by the Institute of Asset Management and can support you in developing a better awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, help to create an improvement plan, build asset management capacity, and deliver business change.

 Management Consultancy

As the preeminent thought leader in  luxury goods we help many companies in every category tailor winning strategies to gain a competitive edge. Over the course of our management consultancy and services, we have applied our deep expertise across every facet of the value chain to help luxury life style companies thrive in a dynamic, rapidly evolving market.

Our approach  generates maximum results for its customers by using cost-saving resources characterized by:

  • in-house and external staff. 
  • best in travels, properteis and goods niche consultants on the Spanish and European Markets.
  • A creative dedication and results oriented 
  • Efficient allocation of budgets and keeps an eye on achieving the highest possible response.
  • an integrity-focused company with a corporate culture that prioritizes honesty and openness. 
  • interact with its customers in an inventive way.

In our management consultancy, we offer services and strategies to help individuals, and luxury  companies of all sizes define and communicate their message, with the ultimate objective of increasing visitation and spend. We craft thoughtful marketing plans distinctive to each client’s unique positioning and provide comprehensive real-time assessment tools to ensure the execution of strategies is resulting in desired success.

Selamina Business  brings you the industry knowledge, proprietary tools and proven record of success you need to achieve your full ambition.

Our keen understanding of the /Luxury value chain ensures that we tailor a strategy that meets your exact needs, today and into the future. Our expertise spans the full range of challenges facing Luxury companies today, and can support you in:

Reaching your full potential using our Properties, a unique approach that can propel luxury lifestyle

Enhancing your Marketing excellence, go-to-market strategy and customer insight and loyalty programs

Improving your Brand assessment  repositioning, benchmarking and portfolio optimization

Pursuing Digital acceleration, omnichannel strategy and organizational redesign

Deploying Cost management programs, zero-based budgeting, supply chain reinvention,  lean manufacturing and all related facets of operational efficiency

Excelling at Corporate M&A including due diligence, post-merger integration and more

And, of course, our work in and Luxury is informed by the broad expertise we have developed over many years as a leader in Retail strategy and operations.

Selamina Project  Management Consultancy Services 

SPMC: Typical services include

As project management consultant’s our job is to consult. We offer advices or support for the project be executed or responsible for project success. Some of our typical services include

  • A review of your current project management processes and capabilities
  • An overview of weaknesses in your current processes and/or controls
  • Recommendations for better processes and/or controls
  • Support in the implementation of new tools, processes, and procedures
  • Change management and transformation support

Selamina’s Capital Projects Consultants use a proven individualised approach to help clients realise the maximum potential of their capital programmes  and projects regardless of size, type or industry. Selamina’s dynamic teams are uniquely structured to provide the skill set necessary for each project and tailor consulting engagements to meet a business’s needs by developing individualised approaches and tools to help manage and control programmes  and projects in a way that minimises risks, delivers maximum performance, guarantees compliance and ensures project success.

Puede interesarle: SELAMINA´s programas formativos

Nuestros programas formativos


Las estrategias replicadas y las soluciones prestadas sólo consiguen resultados estándares. Y en SB nuestro propósito es superar lo estándar. En SB te desafiamos a encontrar respuestas únicas, innovadoras y exitosas para resolver los problemas de nuestros clientes y a trabajar con ellos para conseguir que esas soluciones se conviertan en realidad.

¿Te resulta un desafío atractivo? ¿Va contigo? 

Perfiles diferentes, aspiraciones comunes. Contactenos
Descubre porqué gente con mucho talento cree que SB es un ambiente ideal para desarrollarse. 

Ingenieria de Proyectos y construccion

Participe en un grupo creativo que le enseñará a crear modus operandi 

Gestion de Proyectos e Inversion: Strategic y Operacional

Practique la técnica  on how to...

Gestion de  Turismo, Proyectos de Desarollo,  Mercados, Desarollo de Productos y relaciones

Elabore sus propias ways of analisis

Capital projects come with opportunities and uncertainties — and programme and project management often pose the biggest risks to their successful execution. Executing on schedule, controlling costs, managing contractors and project changes, navigating regulations unique to each project and ensuring transparency and accountability from beginning to end are vital to the success of any capital project. Firms often lack the programme and project management resources and expertise to execute on all these fronts. For these companies, an experienced programme and project management consulting partner is essential throughout all phases of their capital projects.

<< Consulting >>


¡Tratamos el negocio de nuestros clientes como si fuera el nuestro. Compartimos su ambición y alineamos nuestros incentivos con sus objetivos a ser un único equipo. No importa como es complejo problemas de negocio, tenemos las capacidades y la experiencia de dar las respuestas que usted tiene.Podemos ayudarle a tomar la acción decisiva y alcanzar resultados sostenibles.



¡Consultoria, de varios sectores industriales, como turismo, energia, industria quimica y de procesos, inmobiliaria, financieras, etc.Trabajos de investigación y análisis exhaustivos que conducen a conclusiones, implicaciones para las empresas y recomendaciones para la dirección.


<<Management >>


¡La búsqueda de soluciones adaptadas a cada uno de nuestros clientes, mediante un enfoque sin apriorismos nos lleva a desarrollar nuevas ideas continuamente. Nuestro objetivo no consiste solo en aplicar las mejores prácticas sino en inventarlas. Pensamos de manera creativa y nos apoyamos en las habilidades desarrolladas por nuestras áreas de especialización.

investors (en)

 We believe that the best way for SELAMINA BUISNESS to achieve sustainable success is by acting in the long-term interests of our shareholders, our partners, our clients and the society

¡Since our establishment in 2004-06, we have forged strong relationships with over  many investors. They share our belief in the huge opportunities that exist in growth markets and our desire to help build sustainable and vibrant businesses in countries across the world.

Consulting industries 

Que funciona en una industria puede que no funciona en el otro. Es por eso que nos esforzamos de saber todos los detalles, dentro y hacia fuera. Nuestra gente es experimentada, los profesionales verdaderos mundiales que proporcionan perspectivas prácticas y soluciones. Entonces usted puede evitar trampas, reducir al mínimo el riesgo y ganar un borde. 


¡Trabajamos para usted ! Somos la pieza que necesitas

Los Principios Corporativos Empresariales de Selamina Business forma a la manera en que hacemos negocios y forman la base de nuestra cultura y valores. Los 10 principios, que proporcionan las bases de nuestros compromisos y nuestra estrategia de Creación de Valor Compartido, asesoramiento, y servicios, incorporan los principios y se dividen en cinco áreas - los consumidores, de derechos prácticas laborales, nuestro pueblo, proveedores y clientes, y el medio ambiente y la legalidad.

¿Por qué son importantes?  Ante todo SELAMINA significa todo eso, incorporando medidas como su principio de trabajo:

S= Satisfacción (Satisfaction),

E=Efectividad (Effectiveness),

L= Legalidad (Legality)

A= Atención (Attention)

M= Metodología (Methodology)

I= Innovación (Innovation)

N=Noción (Notion)

A=Asesoramiento (Advising)

¡Business Improvement & Transformation 

Esto es el acercamiento que tomamos. Comenzamos por enmarcando la ambición, el plan de transformación, y las prioridades para hacernos comenzados.Simplemente puesto, damos a nuestros clientes la confianza para perseguir un camino eficaz adelante, y luego les ayudamos a hacer lo que pasa. 


Estamos especializados en ofrecerle los mejores productos y el mejor servicio. 

¿Cómo se aplican?Se requiere que todos nuestros empleados cumplan con Principios Corporativos Empresariales de Selamina Business y que supervisan continuamente su aplicación y eficacia. Nuestros principios se implementan a través de los códigos pertinentes de negocio, políticas, procesos y herramientas que han sido desarrolladas para garantizar los principios se practican todos los días, a través de la empresa. Establecemos altos estándares, siempre siguiendo los Principios Corporativos Empresariales de Selamina Business donde operamos - incluso si las leyes locales son más indulgentes o inexistentes.



¡Creemos que es fundamental contar con principios y valores que se construyen en el respeto de nuestros consumidores, nuestros empleados, proveedores, clientes y el medio ambiente, y una cultura de cumplimiento fuerte que está totalmente integrado en nuestro negocio claros. Demostrando nuestra adhesión genera confianza entre nuestros grupos de interés, asegurando que tengan confianza en la marca Selamina Business y lo que representa, tanto ahora como en el futuro

¡Bienvenido a SELAMINA BUSINESS, Consulting & Services

Nos complace darle la bienvenida a nuestro sitio web. A partir de ahora puede conocer,  a través de este canal, nuestra empresa y los productos o servicios que ponemos a su disposición: una amplia gama diseñada para responder a sus necesidades. Además, nuestros expertos están a su disposición para asesorarle en los aspectos técnicos.Háganos llegar sus dudas, estamos aquí para ayudarle.


Descubra a nuestro equipo de profesionales siempre dispuesto a ayudarle. Para nosotros, será también un placer conocerle. Visite además nuestra galería de productos, servicios and consulting. 

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