Done well, Selamina Asset Management Consultancy (SAMC) helps organizations make better decisions, improve cost controls, demonstrate regulatory compliance, enhance reputation, and manage risk. We are skilled at taking you through your asset management journey, so you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, develop an effective improvement plan, build asset management capacity, and deliver business change. We do this by combining our skills in infrastructure planning, engineering, smart infrastructure, facilities management, and asset optimization with our global experience in project management, partnering, supervising, funding, and finance.


Physical Assets and Properties Management:

Selamina Asset Management Consulting(SAMC)  is our Asset and Properties development business sector that helps you derive maximum value from your physical assets. It supports corporate strategic objectives with a balance among performance, risk, cost, opportunity and investment. You do this by managing the entire life cycle of physical assets – from concept through to disposal. Asset Management embraces several disciplines: engineering, demand forecasting/capital planning, operations, maintenance, finance, human resources, supply chain, and information management and investment.


The fast-moving nature of sustainability means that constantly changing technology, financial, and policy issues offer new opportunities for clients in their search for the right solution and the proper and reliable asset development. We have exceptional capabilities when it comes to transferring policy and knowledge across clients, borders and nations.


Our approach helps infrastructure owners and operators achieve their strategic objectives by adding long-term value and optimizing performance. We do this by combining our skills in infrastructure planning, engineering, smart infrastructure, facilities management, investment portfolio management and asset optimization with our global experience in project management, partnering, supervising, funding, and finance. We understand how important people and processes are to efficient asset management and we support change initiatives and training or coaching to build capability.


Our approach rests on seven pillars, a step-by-step guide to asset management maturity that begins with building asset management principles into the organizational design to form a capable organization.


Other key enablers include adaptive resilience, the processes to assure your business against natural and man-made hazards, and smart infrastructure, bringing together all the digital information about your assets. A coherent strategy underpins each of these pillars. It sets the long-term direction for your organization and the outcomes you wish to achieve.


It also provides the framework for forward-looking integrated planning, which focuses on incorporating risk-based decisions to deliver objectives effectively and efficiently. This supports the targeted delivery of capital and operational interventions on an efficient whole-life cost basis so you can proactively manage performance to required levels.

Finally, continuous improvement enables you to benchmark and regularly review systems to maintain and raise the performance of your organization in delivering its goals. The aim is to show how different aspects of your business can benefit from joined-up asset management, far beyond just maintenance planning.


We also develop costing tools and models to deal with different types of assets, from whole sites to mechanical equipment. Clients can use these for business planning and help manage their ongoing business operations.

At whatever stage of your journey, we can support you in implementing smart asset management to create sustainable, resilient infrastructure in accordance with the new international standard ISO 55000. We're a connected, global business and our specialists, many of whom have worked in oil and gas, energy and utilities, chemical and pharmaceuticals and building and construction, and other infrastructure companies, have access to leading-edge technical knowledge and skills to help you develop the best solutions tailored to your local needs.


SAMC Services 


SAMC applies a consistent and structured strategies designed to increase asset reliability and systems.  Asset Management is an essential requirement to achieve world-class performance at any manufacturing facility and properties.  Identifying and embracing the best practices in Asset Management enables businesses to acquire, operate and sustain the right assets at the right time to deliver the business goals.

  • Applying Asset Management strategies and methodologies enables investors, businesses, asset owners, operators and other stakeholders to:
    • Deliver the desired asset function and service level;
    • Optimize the whole-life cost of the Asset;
    • Understand and manage risk;
    • Ensure sustainable performance.
  • Support investment portfolio selection
  • Advise investment opportunities
  • business and properties buy-sell

We provide value to our clients by focusing our Asset Management services on issues which deliver business profitability.

Our offering is unique because:
 We deliver solutions aimed at business performance;
•  We bring best practices from across many industries and from around the globe;
•  We apply selected and tailored modules from our AM Delivery Model;
•  We use implementation strategies to transfer best practices to our clients to achieve sustainable benefits;
•  We use a mix of specialists with technical and practical experience from across industries.

Good Asset Management is central and critical to both the Private and Public Sectors and is a basic corporate responsibility. It should form a key part of the corporate strategy and adopted by all stakeholders as part of their business as usual practices. Proper Asset Management is about adding value, which often involves reducing waste, cutting costs, mitigating risks, saving time and improving efficiencies.


SAMC uses a systematic and coordinated activities and practices through which our clients optimally and sustainably manage their assets and asset systems, their associated performance, risks and expenditures over their life cycles for the purpose of achieving its organizational strategic plan. We help organizations combine their management, financial, economic, engineering, legal and other practices applied to physical assets with the objective of providing the required level of service in the most cost-effective manner.


Some of SAMC consultants have over 20 years of assisting clients map out and deliver their Asset Management strategies. We provide specialization in the assessment and performance improvement development of all aspects of Asset Management, including business performance improvement strategies for both new investment and operating facilities.


We offer extensive consulting support across a broad range of areas including:

• Asset Management Strategy Development
• Assessment, Gap Analysis and Performance Improvement Planning
• Endorsed Assessor for PAS-55
• Life Cycle Analysis & Optimization
• Business Impact Analysis (including RAM and WLC)
• Asset Integrity Management and Assurance
• Defect Elimination and Management
• Incident Investigation and RCA
• Operations and Maintenance Optimization
• Maintenance Strategy and Workflow Delivery
• Turnaround Business Strategy
• Turnaround Management Process



We use a phased approach to develop and deliver solutions and benefit to our clients:

This structured approach allows the complex issues related to performance improvement to be understood and controlled in an efficient manner.  Each of the phases is briefly described below:

• Phase 1: Assess: Assessment of current performance including planning, delivery, organizational structure, management alignment and personnel engagement.  Our methodology incorporates onsite meetings, field observations, performance data review, and various analytical techniques for screening.  A gap analysis of best practices is performed and key performance metrics assessed.

• Phase 2: Strategy: Workshop sessions with the senior leadership team to develop the strategy for implementation.  Consideration is given to other ongoing initiatives, together with other constraints which will effect implementation.  A tailored Improvement Plan (or “Road Map”) defines the implementation activities, timing and resources for delivery.

• Phase 3: Implement: The Road Map is delivered by establishing a Delivery Team for the various components of the plan.  Focus teams are formed and made accountable for delivering specific tasks.  Performance monitoring and support systems are established to achieve sustainable benefits. We focus on achieving sustainable Asset Management improvements by developing solutions in collaboration with our clients, demonstrating the recommended methodology, and coaching to transfer skills and knowledge. Our approach is to tailor our Asset Management services by fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and providing input to capital investment and work processes.


Asset Survey and Auditing Service

SAMC has a systematic approach of conducting facilities audit. This approach enables management to determine services that are in need of attention and improvement. We use the industry standard handheld PDAs to do the asset collection, which eliminates the need for paperwork and all the associated errors and time delays. 


Independent condition reports are then produced, which reflect plant and equipment condition at a given time. The reports allow the client to be proactive in their approach to breakdown and maintenance and to achieve cost savings in future budgets. The scope of work is identified and agreed in discussion with the client to ensure all Asset or Property Condition Surveys meet the client’s expectations and requirements.


The physical condition of each Asset or property is assessed and condition defects are identified. The ratings can be simply as follows:

  • Hazardous – Requires urgent attention. Closure of building imminent and presents a danger if left unattended.
  • Bad – Whilst not dangerous must receive a high priority because of its bad state.
  • Partly bad – Affected parts should receive a high priority.
  • Poor – Whilst unsatisfactory, presents no immediate risk of failure. Replacement or repair should be considered in the near future.
  • Reasonable – Satisfactory, operating as intended. Routine maintenance only required. Review at next opportunity.
  • Good – As new and requires no attention.

Or the condition could be more complicated as follows:

  • As new
  • Sound, operationally safe and exhibits only minor deterioration
  • Sound, operationally safe but appearance may affect business reputation
  • Operational but major repair or replacement needed soon
  • Operational but major repair or replacement needed soon to minimize risk to business continuity
  • Inoperable or serious risk of failure or breakdown
  • Lack of compliance with current Legislation
  • Further Investigation required by specialist
  • Further Investigation required with access equipment
  • Redundant

We have Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Building Services Engineers who are capable of meeting the different requirements. After each survey a report is produced and in summary contains:

  • Asset / Property Suitability
  • Asset / Property Maintenance
  • Compliance to standards
  • Legislation
  • Obsolescence

Facilities Management is a key capability within SAMC Advisory business.

Implementing and improving asset management strategy, processes, data/systems and governance is essential to delivering efficiency gains and ultimately transforming into a leading organization that provides optimum customer value.


SAMC works with clients at a strategic asset management level to maximize value from assets. For many years, we have been assisting clients to establish and develop asset management programs. We are now assisting organizations to take their asset management practices to the next level, leveraging ISO55001 to enable better decision-making, risk management and business and customer value. In combination with our connected global network of professionals in digital solutions, risk, regulatory, economics and infrastructure investment, we deliver asset management services through all phases of the asset life cycle.


We are continuing to play a lead role in improving practices for investors, facilities and property owners and infrastructure owners and managers (public and private) clients. 

Our services are supported by digital tools, such as location intelligence and data management, to provide, analyze and present data that enables confident decision-making across the whole asset life cycle, from the maintenance technician to the board of directors.

Our services include:

  • Maturity assessments and road mapping to ISO55001
  • Asset strategy development
  • Governance models
  • Program implementation and change management
  • Capital program optimization
  • Maintenance master planning

Our team has the specific industry experience and asset management leadership to provide best practices support for asset management systems, performance and optimization, operations and digital information solutions, to deliver leading edge solutions for our clients.


Asset management consultants and business improvement specialists

In SAMC, we are business improvement specialists, investment advisors and properties, facilities and business buy-sell consultants. We provide investment opportunities, maintenance, reliability and asset management consulting solutions to help you continuously assess, improve and engage, by delivering world-class performance.


Our extensive experience enables us to deliver high-quality efficient and effective services. Our consultancy and training portfolio is cross-discipline and cross-industry, including sizeable and complex projects within the Refineries, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Buildings and properties, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Food & Drink and Pharmaceutical sectors.


Easy access to comprehensive and proven physical assets and properties management consultancy expertise that’s tailored to your needs – whatever the type of site. Our total commitment to best practice and great service means that we are able to deliver the consistently high standards and innovative thinking that help optimize every aspect of your development.
Whether you need an asset and property management consulting for a new facility, building or production site or to overhaul an existing asset, we’re here to help.

  • Certainty: a finalized proposal that can be entered into the management agreement.
  • Structure: a bespoke service charge framework that works for both you and residents.
  • Independence: expert, experience and impartial advice before you break ground.
  • Innovation: the lateral thinking that enables you to maximize unusual or complex sites.
  • Predictability: mitigating risk and cost certainty for return on investment.
  • Compliance: all relevant legal, regulatory, environmental and local authority requirements covered.
  • Insight: helps you calculate the optimum balance of service charge and sale price that optimizes the attraction for buyers.
  • Value: an enhanced resident experience that adds value to your brand and helps build a loyal customer base.


SAMC is uniquely positioned and provides a full range of residential property services and we pride ourselves on delivering a professional and personal service at all times. One of the key differences between SAMC and other agencies is our ability to provide end-to-end services to our investors and buyers.


We build on the concept of the strong links between unique properties and high level facilities by building relations with our Asset management and Project management teams to create bespoke inspections to facilities and properties. We are consulting and assisting buyers with their investment and asset development needs and providing maintenance, survey, and search opportunities to help buyers and investors decide where to buy through understanding the needs and standards and conditions and benefits particular physical Asset, property or facility have to offer.


The business focuses on core prime physical assets which represent safe places to invest and our portfolio includes some of the finest properties on the market, in exceptional locations. Our portfolio includes appealing to both investors and those looking for residential and holidays properties.


With years of professional experience and a worldwide network of partners, our team can help you find your perfect property an physical assets development, whether you are looking residential properties, production facilities, lands, or buildings and offices, we are here to serve you.


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